The Egg-Citing Evolution Of The Simple Life Easter Egg Hunt!

Simple Life delivers to residents each Easter one way or the other. From originally hiding eggs in neighbourhoods to three years of popular scavenger Hunts on the website and now most recently a new game on our mobile App…

After the huge success of our festive game, Simple Slay last December, we couldn’t resist delivering even more fun to our My Simple Life App users. This time around we brought our traditional Easter Egg Hunt straight to the palm of your hand making the Easter period Egg-ceptional!

Egg-cellent Adventures on the My Simple Life App

We sprinkled a touch of magic to 10 images of Simple Life and Simple Life London Homes, and made them virtual hunting grounds for hidden treasures. Our residents were tasked with uncovering all the eggs against the clock!

Winning Treats and Speedy Feats

The stakes were high, and the rewards were sweet! The first 100 Residents who successfully located all the hidden eggs received two Simple Life branded chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely, just in time to sweeten their weekend. Whilst the three fastest hunters were rewarded with extra Tony’s delights which made their way to their homes.

With a whopping 212 entries, the competition was close with our fastest hunter clocking an impressive 16 seconds to complete the challenge.

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