Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files saved to your computer (or any other device capable of browsing the internet) as part of your interactions with a website.

Cookies remain stored on your device until such a time that the cookie expires or is manually deleted. This allows for the information stored within the cookie to be sent back as part of any subsequent interactions you have with the issuing website. This exchange of information enables websites to remember basic information about you, such as whether you have visited the site before, whether you are “logged in” or to remember your recent searches.

When you visit our website, we will place a secure cookie in your browser history, which will allow us to record your interactions with our website and the device, browser and IP address that you are using. 

If you do decide to make an enquiry, we will link the data information recorded from the website cookie to your personal information used in your enquiry. You can delete the cookie from your browser at any time.

We also use HTML web storage to store information locally, such as search results and development locations, to improve our website performance. This can also be deleted by you from your browser at any time.

HTML web storage provides two forms of storage:

Local Storage – stores data with no expiration date

Session Storage – stores data for a single session (data removed when the browser tab is closed)

If you do not want us to use cookies when you visit our website, you can adjust your internet browser settings not to accept cookies. Your web browser’s help function should tell you how to do this. Alternatively, you can find information about how to do this for all the commonly used internet browsers here: 

This website will also explain how you can delete cookies that are already stored on your device.

Please be aware that if you set your computer to not accept cookies, there may be certain features/areas on our website that you may not be able to use.

To opt out of any marketing cookies or to change your preferences, please click on the cog at the bottom left of your screen.


Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies or performance cookies are used to track website visitors and their user behaviour. This data is then used to improve the way the website works and in turn, used to improve user experience.

Cookie Name Description Retention Period Third Party

Contains a token code that is used to read out a Client ID from the AMP Client ID Service. By matching this ID with that of Google Analytics, users can be matched when switching between AMP content and non-AMP content.

1 year No

Assigns a specific ID to the visitor. This allows the website to determine the number of specific user-visits for analysis and statistics.

session No

Registers statistical data on users’ behaviour on the website. Used for internal analytics by the website operator.

1 years No

This FPLC cookie is the cross-domain linker cookie hashed from the FPID cookie. It’s not HttpOnly, which means it can be read with JavaScript. It has a relatively short lifetime, just 20 hours.

20 hours No

ID used to identify users and sessions

2 years No

Used to distinguish new sessions and visits. This cookie is set when the GA.js javascript library is loaded and there is no existing __utmb cookie. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to the Google Analytics server.

30 minutes No

Used only with old Urchin versions of Google Analytics and not with GA.js. Was used to distinguish between new sessions and visits at the end of a session.

session No

Used to monitor number of Google Analytics server requests

10 minutes No

Bevat custom informatie die door de webdeveloper is ingesteld via de _setCustomVar methode in Google Analytics. Deze cookie wordt iedere keer geupdate als er nieuwe gegevens naar de Google Analytics server worden gestuurd.

2 years No

Used to determine whether a user is included in an A / B or Multivariate test.

18 months No

Used to determine when the A / B or Multivariate test in which the user participates ends

18 months No

Contains information about the traffic source or campaign that directed user to the website. The cookie is set when the GA.js javascript is loaded and updated when data is sent to the Google Anaytics server

6 months No

Used to monitor number of Google Analytics server requests

1 minute No

ID used to identify users

1 years No

Used to identify and track an individual user session.

2 years No

Contains information related to marketing campaigns of the user. These are shared with Google AdWords / Google Ads when the Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are linked together.

90 days No

Used to monitor number of Google Analytics server requests when using Google Tag Manager

56 seconds No

Used to set and get tracking data

1 hour No

ID used to identify users for 24 hours

24 hours No